Sunday, October 12, 2008

Custom Embroidered Acanthus Curtain Border

Custom embroidered curtains have become a much sought after element in elegant interiors today. I am currently working on two pair of curtains for interior designer Madeline Stuart. They are going to be installed next month in a residence in New York and have to be at the workroom tomorrow for final construction.

The photo above is a pair of custom embroidered leading edges of one pair of curtains I recently completed for interior designer Ann Holden of the New Orleans’ firm Holden & Dupuy. The design, a modified version of my large Acanthus pattern was increased in size to accommodate the great height of the windows and the size of the room: scale is important in the design of a border.

The outlines of this custom embroidered treatment are created with a turn-of-the-century hand guided embroidery machine and consist of about 10 threads circling a core thread at the same time it is attached with a bobbin to the silk satin. That treatment is followed by areas of shading accomplished with chain stitch.
More on Madeline’s curtains – I’ll post a photo in a few days.

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