Friday, October 31, 2008

Custom Monogram

DMC is one of the most important names in the embroidery world. Having been established in the mid 1700’s as a fabric printing business, it later developed it’s now famous reputation in the production of mercerized cotton thread and with the help of Therese de Dillmont in the 1800’s became responsible for the development of the embroidery program well known to so many generations.

At the request of many interior designers, I needed to add cotton thread to my palette and knew DMC was the place to go. I purchased about 350 colors in cones that were compatible with my Tajima computerized embroidery machine. Above is a large scale monogram that is scaled for pillows or a chair back. Although the design is actually two A initials artfully combined, a found example in one of my many books on monogram initials, it is a pleasing shape simply as a flourish and can add great style to a modern or traditional interior.

The fabric is from Cowtan & Tout and of course the thread is from DMC. My very good friend and magnificent digitizer Jerilee Auclair is responsible for the digitizing of this beauty. Her artistry is beyond compare!

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