Sunday, October 12, 2008

Graphic Elegance

I’m just about to finish production on two pair of curtains for Madeline Stuart as mentioned below. The fabric is medium-blue gray wool sateen from Rogers & Goffigon, available at Cowtan & Tout in the PDC. It is one of my favorite embroidery fabrics. The stitches seem to relax into the material with the steam from my iron and the thread melds together to form a lovely embellished surface.

The design is a classic two color modified scallop using a tone-on-tone thread color for the lower element and an ecru color for the repeating overlay. The effect is graphic elegance. Here is a photo of the pattern sewing on my Tajima computerized embroidery machine. As you can see – I must make many modifications and repetitions to fill a leading edge of 105 inches in length and a full width hem at 55 inches.

I’ll post another photo of the ironed panels. I greatly enjoy working with Madeline and her associate, Laura Smith. Madeline’s work is beautiful as you can see by her web site portfolio.

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