Friday, October 10, 2008

New Floral Border

Having been a collector of antique embroidery for many years, I have had the opportunity to study the handwork used to create embroidery of the past. Donna Cardwell has written a book on these wonderful antique pieces – see my book review below.

I enjoyed the opportunity to interpret the spirit of the antique pieces in a project I completed last week for interior designer Suzanne Rheinstein, who’s showroom Hollyhock, located in West Hollywood a few blocks from the PDC, is a great testament to her taste and talent.

The pattern is a traditional floral. On off white linen, it is a breath of fresh air. Using the elements from a fabric draping the master bed, I created my own design using computer digitizing software. After many layout and color samples and direction from Suzanne, we came up with the pattern pictured here. I very much enjoyed working with Suzanne and her associate Kate O'Dorisio.

Have a look- I’ll provide you with a nice detail shot of the corner motif.

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  1. mr. savoia! how utterly informative and entertaining. you are a master's class in itself, i feel like i've just begun a lesson in inspiration for all things textile, with a field of focus on embroidery!
    thank you for all
    mary tait
    curtain fabricator