Friday, October 10, 2008

Silk Art Embroidery by Donna Cardwell

Collecting antique embroidery has been an obsession for years. Long before I started creating embroidery myself, I have been drawn to this art of the past. Throughout the centuries the purpose of embroidery has basically remained the same: to embellish. The result of embroidery evolved into a status marker. Around the turn of the 19-20th century for a short period of time there was an effort to combine the fine art of embroidery with commerce. Donna Cardwell explores this period of time and highlights the people responsible for this national phenomenon.

We are lucky to have this historic narrative as often times these details are lost to history. Deemed somewhat trivial after the passing of several generations, there is now a rebirth of interest in this lovely work that is still so accessible today.

Donna’s book is available at a Schiffer Books, Donna’s website Society Silk and other book sales websites available through Google and other search engines.

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