Thursday, November 27, 2008

Custom Beaded Silk And Linen Pillow With Tassel Trim

One of my all time favorite fabrics is the “St. Simon Lampas” from Old World Weavers. Years ago, I worked as a salesman for Mimi London in the Pacific Design Center. At that time, I sold the lampas for a line we represented, Andre Bon. Since then, the fabric has been incorporated into the collection of Stark/Old World Weavers.

This beautiful fabric originates from France: my guess is that it is woven in the Lyon area. The fabric has a fiber content of silk and linen and is woven on the same loom that has produced this fabric for well over 200 years. The width is traditionally narrow based on that loom’s weaving capability. Other fabrics woven by the silk weavers of Lyon are those supplied by Prelle.

Available in just three colors; besides the one above, it is also woven in a beautiful taupe-blue and a rich raspberry-red. These descriptions are not adequate to describe their color quality. Locally, I’ve noticed this fabric in a few public installations. The blue colorway is installed in the beautiful dining room of the Chateau Marmont above banquette seating. If you scroll through the pictures on the Chateau's website, you will come to one of the banquette area and will recognize the lampas on the wall above. The red colorway has been used as upholstery on two beautiful chairs in the collection of the Getty and viewable in the Decorative Arts wing as well as the link if you click on Getty.

The pillow above is hand beaded using old beads found on the shelves of my workroom. They add to the inherent opulence of this beautiful woven textile as does the silk trim, which I purchased at Décor de Paris in Los Angeles.

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