Monday, November 10, 2008

Custom Pillow: Suzani inspired with embroidered accents

The fabrics of Michael S. Smith's Jasper Collection are beautiful. Each fabric has a quiet opulence that enriches an interior or a piece of furniture. The pattern above is a large scale woven wool textile. The inspiration is undoubtedly an antique Suzani textile which have been rightly popular for some time now. The color palette has been toned down from the original pieces still being produced in Uzbekistan today.

My good friend and Interior Designer Brenda Fox Wilson brought this project through my door; she used the fabric to upholster a chair in a client's bedroom and wanted me to make a pillow with the untouched fabric as an accent pillow for the bed. By clicking on the above photo you will see an enlargement of the pillow, giving a close up of the cording and the chain-stitches, all hand guided using the Cornelly machine. There is a small rope trim used that was purchased from Janet Yonaty. Brenda and her client like the down pillow inserts to be very loose - a quality that I prefer as well. My seamstress Nancy removed a good 3-4 handfuls of fill to give us the right look and feel. The pillow is 18" high x 26" wide.

I'll be sending out a post card featuring the embroidery in the next few weeks.

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