Saturday, December 13, 2008

Art Deco/Arts and Crafts Period Linen Pillows

For many years now I have been a great collector of fabrics. Interested in most types of fabric, I am especially interested in those embellished. My collection is quite large and I have to say, Ebay has been a great source for many treasures which I find to be great inspiration.

The above pillows are a direct reproduction of a pillow I purchased on Ebay. I consider this imagery to be somewhat transitional between the Arts & Crafts and the Art Deco periods and personally find it at once nostalgic and handsome.

Originally the pattern was created using very hot silk colors of red, orange and lime green with some black outlining. It was embroidered on natural linen with a deep red silk velvet back panel. It was absolutely brilliant in projecting a feeling of the time however much of the embroidery silk is missing and the silk velvet back is quite worn. What an adventurous piece of usable art in its day.

Here I have translated the pattern into computerized embroidery as it seemed most appropriate for the geometry of the shapes. The result is crisp clear articulation in rayon thread satin stitches on medium/dark brown linen plainweave. The pillows are loosely filled with goose down and feathers and they are 20” square. These pillows can be custom made on a variety of ground fabrics with different thread colors.

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