Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Custom Cowtan & Tout, Nancy Corzine and M.C.Escher Inspired Pillows

The pillow above is one of two pillows I created some time ago. Inspired by a pattern I first noticed in a magazine by Lesage, it is inspired by the works of M.C. Escher.

The hornet positive shape gives way to a bird in flight in the negative space. I contrasted the positive with the negative by using a Cowtan & Tout printed linen and a Nancy Corzine solid green fabric.

The process is intense. The first part of the process involves creating an outline of the shapes using my computerized embroidery machine from my digitized pattern. Once the outlines are in place, I remove the frame from the machine table and hand cut the pattern, removing the negative area from the double layered field.

Once that process is complete, the design is reinforced by additional securing stitches before it applies a thicker outline of satin stitches, followed by the decorative overlay stitching used for the lines on the body of the hornet and the eye.

I finished these pillows by doing a boxed treatment. They are approximately 14” x 20” in size and the Corzine fabric is used for the back and boxing with a small cord-free welt out of the pattern fabric.

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