Sunday, January 18, 2009

Claremont Fabric with Chain Stitch Embroidery

About a year ago, I purchased two yards of two different fabrics from Claremont Furnishing Fabrics Company. One of the fabrics, a lovely yellow ground cotton print, had flowers and some Chinese images - a charming fabric that I had previously hand embroidered for a client of Leta Austin Foster of West Palm Beach, Florida. I sent my sample and the fabric along with a dozen colors of silk floss to a company in India. This blog posting is for the first fabric, I'll follow this with another post of the second fabric.

The process of accomplishing the embroidery was complicated. The sample I made was articulated carefully with a mixture of single thread colors creating a handsome and varied looking stitch. it was basically a chainstitch but my control of the color gave the end result great rich character. Click on the detail below for a close up view of the fabric and embroidery. You can also click on the photo above for a better look at the completed pillows.

My reproduction from India, although different than my sample is quite bold and direct. The stitch is basically the same but the embroiderer did not mix thread elements to create the variety of colors that I had. I love the pillows. They are 18" square. I have finished them with a fan trim from Samuel & Sons and used a Michael S. Smith Jasper Collection fabric for the back. The effect is muted and everything is done to emphasize the stitchwork - an over embroidery on the existing print pattern. I have five completed pillows; some are right, some are left facing.

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