Saturday, January 3, 2009

Fortuny "Ashanti" Textile Pillows Hand Beaded in Bronze

The Fortuny fabric used to create the pillows photographed above is called “Ashanti” and is named for the inspiration fabric from Africa. Made by the Ashanti (or Asante) people of Ghana in Western Africa, the hand printed cloth is known as Adinkra. Motifs are applied to cotton by using stamps carved from gourds. Boiled tree bark with iron slag is used for dye. Patterns are built up in squares by repeating design elements which usually have some magical, historical or proverbial significance. This information I found in one of my books, African Textiles by Christopher Spring, a curator of the British Museum specializing in Northeast, East and South Africa.
Here I’ve hand beaded the fabric using different textures of bronze beads. Bugle beads, seed beads and three cut beads have been combined to embellish the beautiful Fortuny fabric. The pillows are completed with a small welt and back panel in suede.

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