Friday, January 2, 2009

Lyon France Silk with Bronze Beads and Pearls

The two kidney pillows shows above are gems. The fabric is from Prelle; woven silk from Lyon, France. Precious in itself, the fabric is one of many historic patterns that are still being produced by this centuries old silk weaving community. I purchased the fabric through the New York Showroom and used bronze beads and pearls as the basis for the embellishments with a few touches of color for balance.

The corner pleated flange, welt and back are made of linen from Bergamo Textiles. I love the rustic nature of the linen with the silk floral, as it keeps the pillows from becoming too precious. Be sure and click on the photo above and get a good close up view of the pearls and bronze beads – they really are a treat.

The pillows are 10”x 21” and 10” x 23” and filled with down and feather.

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