Sunday, January 18, 2009

More on Frank Lloyd Wright

In a previous post I introduced an embroidery I've been working on for "Hollyhock House" - the Barnsdall residence built in Los Angeles on Olive Hill by Frank Lloyd Wright during the early years of Hollywood. The curator of the house contacted me about helping create an embroidery that would appear similar to one used for the Dining Room Chandelier. The only known photograph of the fixture is not clear so we had to try for the impression of the fabric more than an exact copy. Please see my prior post for more information.

Some years ago, the living room furniture was reproduced and I was contacted about remaking the Living Room sofa pillows. Very basic in concept and having an actual surviving pillow front as an example, I made a variation that had the correct look of the original. The difference, the original appeared to have been completely hand embroidered. My version was created using a metallic soutache which was applied by hand-guided machine using a Cornely Embroidery Machine.

The pillows above are similar to the pillows at Hollyhock. The fabric is a Michael S. Smith Jasper Collection velvet - the soutache is vintage metallic. The pillows at Hollyhock utilized an exact reproduction of the fabric from the original.

The pillows are 22" square and the front and back fabric are identical. The two panels are put together using a self mitered and reversed flange - creating a double flange effect.

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  1. Love these decorative pillows!! I like to decorate my home with this kind of stuff!!