Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My New NEO Tajima Embroidery Machine

Well, here it is. My new NEO from Tajima, the leaders in the world of computerized embroidery machines. This model has been enhanced by the addition of an upgraded motor and a large border sash frame with the capability of running designs as wide as 47" and a maximum depth of 14" - a big help to me when I'm creating involved repeats for curtains or as in this case, upholstery. Click on the photo above for an enlarged view.

The pattern visible is an applique of a heavy woven fabric on the surface of a Great Plains fabric from Holly Hunt. Besides using the applique feature on my new machine through digitizing, I also utilized an enlarged pattern stitch that is applied on top of the rich satin stitches that surround the applique.

This is one of about 9 pieces that make up the embroidered skirt of a lounge chair. With my normal sash frame, a section like this could require as much as 3 separate framings. This 32" section is not done with one framing. After some initial difficulty with my new machine all seems to be running smoothly and I am looking forward to full steam ahead on this project which includes 6 chairs and 2 8' sofas. I hand cut the applique while it is on the machine - I've had some hopes of leads for local laser cutters who might be able to help me with this process but none so far are up to the task.

I love the mechanics of my machines and the beauty they are capable of producing!


  1. Wow I really love your work, it's amazing ! your embroidery is exquisite !

  2. What embroidery software do you use with this border sash extension? I was looking into buying one for my Neo 2 but wasn't sure if my Wilcom software was ok to use. I don't need to use the DGML by pulse software do I?


  3. Hi Phil,
    I use Pulse - you should not have any trouble using Wilcom with that frame on the NEO 2...

  4. Thanks for your response. You know how sales people are always resorting to fear tactics. I can't imagine why Wilcom wouldn't work. Is this sash extension just an optional hoop in your software or did you have to manually create a custom hoop with the exact dimensions? I want to buy a second neo but I really want the neo-plus which has a nice large LCD screen. Unfortunately I was told by Tajima that the Neo-plus won't work with this sash extension. Apparently it doesn't work with the neo1 either which I find strange. I could pick up a used neo1 for a lot less than a neo2.


  5. I understand Phil - the options offered by Tajima are not always the way we want them. The option is in the machine software - which is probably been formatted on that machine only. I am the only person I know with this machine and I'm thinking the reason they haven't adapted their other Neo machines is that they don't see the market for it.