Sunday, January 18, 2009

White on White Embroidery on Linen

These two pillows are embroidered on beautiful linen. I call this pattern the Ann Border because it was first made for Ann Holden of Holden & Dupuy of New Orleans.

They are 26" square and have a 3/4" flat flange with small pleats at the corners. The embroidery is done using cording - a hand guided technique done using the Cornely Embroidery Machine and the size of the pillows was actually determined by the configuration of the pattern.
This same pattern has been used in a variety of ways - often as applique for curtains. Below are a detail showing the pattern used as an applique' curtain border. The applique' fabric is a beautiful soft pink and cream coloration of a Fortuny pattern. The fabric, a wool and linen twill. The combination is rich yet light and playful.

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