Monday, February 23, 2009

Building A Beaded Pattern On Fortuny Fabric

Many textiles inspire me to embellish, but the lure of Fortuny, with its exotic Venetian creation locale, historic references and characteristic texture is something special.

When I look at the pattern and color of a Fortuny panel, I select beads that I think will enhance that inherent beauty. Often time I move towards bronze beads, because they have a color and texture that provides an instant patina. I choose from bugle beads, seed beads, three-cut beads or other special shapes and sizes like English cut beads to accomplish the goal. The sample above is a study showing the project development utilizing antique beads that I found downtown Los Angeles on one of my shopping expeditions.
This sample has never advanced to a pillow you might guess, I have several projects around my office and my home that are at best unfinished. The priority of order production and management collide with the creative process while at the same time sustain the creative process. But that is an age old story, isn't it.

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