Friday, February 27, 2009

Clarence House Fabric With Embroidery

These are two of my favorite pillows. The fabric is a wonderful Clarence House fabric that has an aged quality in a rich deep rose red color. The image is a design that is built by different processes.

First, I run a digitized program on my computerized embroidery machine that lays down a series of satin stitches that makes up the color of the leaves. Once that is completed, a hand guided outline is next done using the Cornely machine followed by a moss stitch, which in this case is merely a modification of the chain stitch, where the loop from the chain is made to be longer giving a wooly texture to the flowers.

The trim, beautiful multicolored silk tassels attached to a wonderful woven header, is from Decor de Paris and was selected prior to picking out embroidery colors so that each color selected could be fine tuned to work together. The pillows are not overly large, just 18" square.

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