Friday, February 27, 2009

Color Changes And Pattern Character

I love seeing the effects of color changes on patterns. It can be huge; just as the color and texture of fabric ground can also have wonderful effects on the character of a design and in this case pillows.

Above you see a pair of boxed pillows with an overall design done by computerized embroidery in two colors. It is based on a pattern I found in an old reference book. I love the complicated yet primitive quality of the design which is reminiscent of some of the patterns from Suzani designs. The fabric used above is from Rogers & Goffigon and is a lovely linen fabric. I used a slim flat flange to accentuate the seams of these pillows.

A different version of the same pattern is below. Using the same format of a boxed pillow but with no flange I did the same pattern in one color below. The fabric is a rich deep brown velvet from Joseph Noble Textiles. The thread color was selected to match the color of the fabric and the flatness of the embroidery provides a beautiful relief on the pile of the velvet, giving them a very elegant look.
I have been toying with the idea of turning this pattern into a curtain leading edge pattern - so perhaps one day soon you will see it reconfigured and mirror imaged. I'll keep you posted on that process should it happen.


  1. Michael,

    The pattern and colors are beautiful choices. Both colorways achieve a sense of historical elegance while remaining contemporary. Very nice.

  2. Thanks, Parker - I'm a big fan of historical references. I look at a great volume of reference material of all kinds for inspiration. There are so many beautiful examples in history...