Friday, February 27, 2009

Custom Patriotic Flag Applique' Pillows

A client came to me a while ago with an old worn out pillow version of an American Flag. It was purchased inexpensively, but as those things go, once stock is gone there are no more to be found - anywhere. The task was given to me to reproduce it. Now, there wasn't any way that I could reproduce it exactly but the thought occurred to me that I could do it in applique. I digitized a sample, which the client approved and I went about the process of developing the design.

Once I began my process, I found that I truly had bitten off more than I could chew. That is not possible with me and Cherry Pie (especially the Cherry Pie from Pie and Burger in Pasadena) but my ambition with the unreasonable is often one of my biggest challenges. This project proved to be a huge challenge.

I decided I would applique' everything to a ground fabric - in this case I was using a chenille and would applique' it to a muslin base. That worked well for the field of stars, but once I had those done, I couldn't work out a way to add my stripes within the framework of my embroidery frame; the pillow width being greater than the width of my frame. The client had ordered four pillows and requested the flag be on both the front and back, thus I had 8 panels to produce.

Each star and stripe on these panels was hand cut on the frame. The nature of the chenille and it's capability of unravelling proved to add another complication to the project. In December, I purchased a new Tajima embroidery machine which gave me a greater field of embroidery, specifically taking my width from 21" to 47" which gave me new hope with these pillows.

A short time later (relatively speaking) I had the panels done and off to my sewing workroom. As an added precaution because of the nature of chenille, I had my workroom fuse a backing to the panels giving them added stability which after all that work, I hope will give them a nice long life. I believe they are intended for a yacht - and hope they look great with the blue ocean water as their backdrop.

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  1. Beautiful work Michael. How can I get one of these? However, I know your work is one-of-a-kind. :-)

    John aka OrganizingLA