Sunday, February 8, 2009

Custome Embroidered Curtains

The above photo is a production photograph of my recent panel production for a pair of curtains. The fabric is from Nancy Corzine; it is a silk from Thailand that is opulent and bold, the color is called straw but it is more like the straw that has been turned to gold.

The design is made up of computer generated satin stitches, pattern stitches and bean stitches in a series of squares and squares on point with interior circles and outlines. My friend and client Erika Glazer decided this design was perfect for her Foyer, and we used the same color tone for the embroidery thread.

You can see the efficiency of Darlene Dando's 4-head Tajima embroidery machine. Darlene is my associate and has her own company All Quality Stitches in Oak Harbor, Washington. The use of her expertise and machine brings speed while maintaining quality, a must in my world of top design.

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