Saturday, February 14, 2009

Interior Artist, Muralist Kaveri Singh Paints A Kitchen

Watching a large scale interior mural project take shape is an interesting process. I had the pleasure of doing just that when my good friend Kaveri Singh and her husband TJ went to work on a difficult octagonal kitchen recently in Beverly Hills.

Starting with measurements and photos, a layout was created in the form of a rendering. This happened after conversations with the client deciding the main content of the mural. The client wanted the outside garden brought into the kitchen and flowers-she loves flowers and color; so Kaveri created a rendering that illustrated a framework around the room that gave the mural structure, then defined the areas spatially with flowers in the foreground and landscape in the middle ground and sky in the background.

I hope you agree that the final result is pretty magical. The colors are soft enough to keep the mural in the background of the room while still covering every inch of wall space. The client was delighted and the time it took to create was kept reasonable because of the planning and renderings which maintained a discipline and order to the process which involved scaffolding and long hours. Be sure to click on the above photograph to get a larger view of the walls shown.

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