Saturday, February 28, 2009

More On The Effects OF Color On Embroidery Patterns

I designed the above circular design as an accent for a beautiful old wood frame chair. The chair was quite fanciful and was being used as a decorative element in a hallway. Actually, it was a pair of chairs. I needed to do a classic pattern but instead of something so serious as a Napoleonic design or classical, I opted to do something a little more organic.

The circular vine with leaves and stems started out by dividing a circle into eight sections. I then created a section of leaves, buds and stems that could connect on either end. Once that was fine tuned, I could merely repeat it around the circle to create a total design.

The next thing I had to do was determine where I would have color changes. Once that was decided I had to build the pattern in color order, combining each section of color so that my computerized embroidery machine could work each color around the circle in an unbroken run. On linen, the final result is quite charming and if memory serves me well is about 12" in diameter; perfect for the chair seats of the beautiful antique chairs.

Upon reviewing the design with the designer, Peter Schifando and Jonathan Joseph of Peter Schifando & Co. we decided the effect would be better in one color - the same color as the beautiful blue silk being used for the chairs. The character of the blue silk version below brings a formality back to the design and just the right touch for the project.

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