Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Outlining A Damask Fabric

The use of an outline to provide emphasis to a fabric can be a dynamic element in design. This is especially true with textiles. The above outline was accomplished using a Cornely machine to hand-guide the multi thread cord around the intricacy of the damask pattern. I have also used this process to enhance many other fabrics such as Fortuny. The result speaks for itself - the added touch of elegance. Below is a photo of the completed chair back. For a very close up view of the cording, click on the top picture.


  1. Absolutely fabulous work and I really enjoyed reading through your blog. Being a digitizer I often find myself rushing through projects and not taking the time to enjoy. Your blog inspired me to slow down and actually take time out from my own work to create something for myself. Thanks for the inspiration and great ideas. Sadia

  2. Thanks Sadia, and thank you for the mention you gave me in your blog. You have a very loyal following and that is a great testament to your work and ability to communicate and inspire. I will be watching your work and hope you will continue to watch mine.
    Best wishes,