Sunday, March 15, 2009

Custom Options With Stitching - It Is All Good!

Recently a designer sent me three fabric samples and told me that pillows would be ordered and asked that I show some different options in treatment. The fabric is from Le Gracieux Textiles.

Once the color palette was determined, I selected different methods of embroidery to accentuate the pattern provided. The first method shown above is a fairly complete outline of the design using a tiny three-thread outline. In contrast to that, an added line of chain stitch highlights the green/blue chain that is present in the design.

The second sample is very similar in concept however approached using chain stitch outlines only. And the third sample utilized both above techniques and added a moss stitch for greater textural relief - which is accomplished by modifying the height of the chain stitch. All these techniques are created using the hand guided machines of the past.

I think they are all successful versions - my favorite and the one the designer chose is the first one, the three thread outline. When the final pillows are completed, I will post a photo. They are being embroidered on both the front and the back sides, and will have double moss trim and an inserted rope detail.

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  1. Wow! I love the colors and what a lovely design. Michael, I'm always amazed at all your creativity. Look forward to seeing the finished cushion. Sadia