Saturday, March 7, 2009

Hawaiian Quilt Influenced Trapunto Pillow

My bookcase is jammed packed with books - all of which are a great source of inspiration. There are books everywhere in my home and my office; I can't get enough books - period.

One of the books I own I bought years and years ago during my first visit to Maui. Having taken the trip to Hana where there was a small store that carried some Hawaiian quilt patterns, I found the concept of building the image of a quilt on the profile of a plant, animal or other native object really fascinating. The book provided wonderful images, one of which I interpreted in a trapunto pattern above.

Worked on my computerized embroidery machine on a lovely putty colored wool sateen, the pillow has outlines of triple stitch that attach the fabric to a muslin backing which is used to create the pocket for cotton thread that fills the shape to give it sculptural form. The pillow was purchased by a designer who also asked that I make another panel in white linen for the back of her own office chair.

You might also notice the seat cushion on the chair is outlined Fortuny - an ever beautiful and classic covering for my classic French carved oak chair.

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