Saturday, March 7, 2009

Kidney Pillows with Satin Stitch and Bean Stitch Outlines

Kidney pillows are a great opportunity to express oneself. Mine are usually about 10-12" high x 20-22" long. They are fun to make - it is something about the intimacy of the size I guess. Many times they are more complicated than one would think. Above is a close up of a pillow; one of a pair on Rogers & Goffigon Wool Sateen - the other was sold to Madeline Stuart and used in a project in Malibu (Veranda July/August 2008) followed by another version of the same design but this time in a J. Robert Scott silk textile. The different effects one can achieve by using different materials is endless.

Below is a detail shot of the Red Square Pillow - showing how I utilized the texture of the silk in creating a textural element that contrasts with the satin and bean stitches made by my computerized embroidery machine.

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