Thursday, April 16, 2009

Augusta Auction Company's 16th Fashion & Textile Auction

I have been so busy lately that I have not had time to post much - but today I received an email from Karen Augusta with a link to her upcoming auction. Fashion and textile auctions make me go fabric crazier than ever as I so appreciate the work of the past as well as current work.

While viewing the catalog this morning, one of many lots that caught my attention is the beautiful blue wool morning coat with floral embroidery. When I see things like this, it is as if someone has just smacked me on the side of the head! Talk about inspiration - I could find so much inspiration with this one garment alone. Such beautiful, restrained work is always a pleasure to view.

Besides the antique textiles, it is always a treat to see the antique and vintage clothing - some of it I remember seeing in magazine new.....I know, that dates me, but what can I say.

It is always a treat to see a 70's Halston dress or a Rudy Gernreich wool bathing suit. No one from my generation will really be able to forget the topless bathing suit that Rudy Gernreich made, will we? Or the paper Campbell's Soup Dress by Andy Warhol.

So take a look at the catalog at and enjoy the viewing. Meanwhile, I did happen to see a couple of things at this months Bonhams & Butterfields auction that perked me up is a guilty pleasure sometimes but I take pleasure when I can.

Karen's auction is April 29th with previews on the 28th 3-7pm and the 29th from 9am to noon. Too bad it is in New York - but I can enjoy it online anyway.
Happy Bidding!


  1. Interesting that Augusta Auctions has had their 16th auction when they have been in business for less than a year. I believe the auction on April 29th was their first.

  2. Perhaps I misread the statement - I no longer have my notes regarding this post - it wouldn't surprise me if the fact was associated with Karen in another sense - perhaps something like "this is Karen's 16th auction...." and I wrote it in error as clearly as Augusta Auctions, this was their first auction. Sorry for the mistake.
    Best regards,
    Michael Savoia

  3. Hi Michael,

    Good to hear from you again and thanks for the heads up on your blog posts. Also THANK YOU for the fantastic publicity for my first and very successful NYC Auction. BTW, the Embroidered Blue Wool Morning Gown, Lot 126, sold for $780.00.

    It is correct that my April 2009 Fashion & Textile Auction was my 16th such auction. A little history for your "anonymous" skeptic:

    In the fall of 2000 I was contacted by the daughter of a tragically murdered antique clothing dealer collegue. She needed help/advice finding an appropriate auction venue to sell her mother's huge clothing collection. I could think of no knowledgeable auction venue for her. Doyle Auctions of NYC was not interested; they had visited the collection and chose to sell apprx. 100 pieces out of nearly 5,000. Most auction houses didn't specialize in garments and when they had them, did not know how to display, date and market them. My husband immediately suggested I do the auction for her, which the daughter readily agreed to.

    We needed next to find an auctioneer in a decent location. I approached a Philadelphia general antiques auctioneer who was skeptical a sale of just old clothing would be profitable. Boy, was he wrong.

    Over the following 8 years that first sale led to 14 others. This past fall I decided to change venues & do fashion/textile sales in NYC. April 29th I held my 16th Antique Fashion & Textile Auction and my first in NYC.


    September 10th, during Brimfield week, at the Host Hotel in Sturbridge, MA. my auction company will be selling, mostly uncataloged, the majority of the gigantic & complete costume/textile collection from the Montclair Art Museum. Gorgeous treasures - 18th-20th C clothing, accessories, laces, fashion dolls, 30+ paisleys, etc.

    THE most exciting news of my career! November 4th in NYC we will offer the first portion of the legendary Brooklyn Museum's Costume Collection-property of The Metropolitan Museum of Art. For the next several years different portions of this amazing costume collection will be available for purchase. Also included in the Nov 4, 09 sale will be a large deaccession of Chinese garments & textiles from Boston's Museum of Fine Arts. Mid-late summer please check our website,, for details and photographs.

    Warm regards,