Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Charles Rennie Mackintosh and Hill House

Last night Kaveri, TJ & I went to a lecture at LACMA by Pamela Robertson on Charles Rennie Mackintosh and Hill House. I've always held a certain fascination for Hill House and the life and creative world of Mr. Mackintosh and jumped at the chance to hear Ms. Robertson, who is an authority on the subject of all things Mackintosh and more.
Some years ago I heard of the watercolors that Mr. M. painted; mostly floral and landscape paintings created while living in the South of France. They are beautiful artistic expressions. When I realized there was a book on the subject, I could not find it anywhere. Finally, calling Glasgow in an effort to get a copy, I spoke to handful of people at a variety of locations before finally ordering the book. Ms. Robinson wrote that book which made the opportunity to hear her speak a great treat.The event last night was as I said, held at LACMA, through the Decorative Arts and Design Council and sponsored by the Elsie de Wolfe Foundation. Some of the upcoming programs sound very interesting and I must take the time to investigate these groups.

The one thing that I never captured about Mackintosh - with all my books on the subject and I have many as his work really is a passion with me is the romance in the work. I guess I sensed it but Ms. Robinson really summed it up when she talked about the young owners of Hill House and the romantic touches in the decor...stylistically I've always responded to it but I think I failed to respond to it emotionally until last night. Thus you see the value of these events...and why I shall participate more in the doings of these two organizations. Cheers Mr. Mackintosh...

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