Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Custome Embroidered Border

Shipping orders is something I do with great satisfaction. Yesterday I shipped two completed orders - one, the panel above for Patton Design Studio and another, the pillow below for The Wiseman Group. The panel will be used on bedding for the master bed treatment that will include two pillows featuring the same design. The design is based on one I made for a curtain border and modified it using a circle to replace a square used originally. The pillows are yet to be started - I have to layout the images for the rectangular shape and create a way to make the images match perfectly...that is always a challenge.

The amethyst silk pillow for The Wiseman Group is decorated with a custom dyed chenille embroidery accomplished by hand guided machine. I utilize the skill of Jo Kitchen, the owner of Gibson Chenille here in Los Angeles to dye my chenille - her skill is so greatly appreciated and gives me the flexibility of using this technique as the range of colors available in the market is never what one needs. The contrast of the chenille, surrounded by a chain stitch on the silk makes for a lovely embroidered surface.

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