Saturday, April 18, 2009

Evolution of a Design

I produced this pattern for Mimi London and Mark Boone of the AD100 design firm of London Boone Inc. The inspiration is from a rug that Mimi and Mark purchased for a client's home. The large hand woven rug is brilliantly colored and had many images that provided us with embroidery possibilities.

Starting with a photograph of one of the images, I created a digitized version of the design and did thread color samples for the designers. Mimi preferred that I use cotton thread from DMC which made a nice contrast to the mohair ground of the fabric.

Working with mohair can be challenging because of the thick, resilient pile and the first goal is to systematically use underlay to keep that pile down as much as possible. You can see in the following pictures how the machine creates a new surface for the thread.

The end result is a more refined version of the handwoven image, and a great compliment. Mimi and Mark used the embroidery for the inside backs of four game chairs made by A. Rudin.

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