Saturday, April 18, 2009

Gothic Cross Embroidery

Above is a design I created for Interior Designer Thomas Pheasant for chair backs that I have since used for a number of pillows and upholstery. Some designs lend themselves to size manipulation and the flexibility of patterns in my software can sometimes really astound me.

The design originally came from an ornament book although I venture to say my articulation of the design makes it practically unidentifiable from the original inspiration. Originally made about 13.5" high - here you see it reproduced as a chair back reduced to about 7" high and featured with two images side by side. I have also used the same chair image as one for kidney pillows, seen above. The antique French Renaissance style chair below is one I purchased at auction and recovered in a Rogers and Goffigon Linen with Cowtan & Tout trim under the original nailhead trim, beautifully applied by my French upholsterer, Mr. Roger Chopinet.

Photographed below is another version which of the same pattern in the larger size sewing on my Tajima embroidery machine on a printed Rose Tarlow fabric for another effect and another pillow. I just received a new order for the pattern, with the request of interpreting it in a two color version. Once completed, I'll post that version as well.

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