Thursday, May 28, 2009

Homage to Fortuny

If you have ever seen a panel of Fortuny's "Ashanti" fabric it is rich with design detail. Images that are at once intriguing and joyful; with a look that is organized yet spontaneous. The sharing of design elements from person to person and culture to culture are evident just about everywhere we look. I saw it in the new exhibition at LACMA. Pompeii and the Roman Villa which has many examples where Romans so admired the beauty of the Greek traditions before them that they incorporated classical Greek details into their villas and public spaces.

In the above curtain border I call "Ashanti Border" I have taken one element that is used by Fortuny and consecutively placed to form a leading edge and hem treatment. I have also used it on bedding. The graphic pattern is created by using the cording machine and is hand guided on the design stamped linen.

My personal library is full of books that I bought for their source of inspiration and I think I have 3 lifetimes worth at my hands and yet my production schedule is weighing heavily on my shoulders and not allowing me as much creative time as I would like. As soon as my current project is completed I intend to spend a week creatively - have fun with my books and do some expressive experimentation in thread. After all, Summer is here and it is nice to get out of our routine.

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