Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Lotus Collection

My hand made Ikats arrived from Mallorca yesterday. They are so beautiful! The patterns and colors are exactly what I remembered; what I forgot was the amazing texture of the fabric. I am so happy that I connected with Juncosa; to have the opportunity to own this fabric again is very satisfying. Ms. Angel Juncosa tells me that there are only 3 weavers left making it - in my eye that makes this an endangered textile! One of my fabrics from Mallorca is pictures below:

A few weeks ago, I visited the Los Angeles Antique Show in Santa Monica. While visiting the booth of Kathleen Taylor of The Lotus Collection, I spied a beautiful antique embroidery that has not left my mind. This is reason to own it as far as I'm concerned and I will soon do so. Here is a photo of the embroidery as well as a detail. I will frame it and add it to my ever growing collection of antique embroidery I display in my showroom. The patterns will be reinterpreted and used on top of the Mallorcan Ikat fabrics. Watch for future posts of my results.

The exciting thing about textiles to me is how fabrics have a history. And how we can recreate a pattern that has historical references and make it fresh and new again and appropriate for today's interiors. Check out the amazing textiles viewable on the website of The Lotus Collection - just click on the name and you will be transported to a world of textiles and embroidery that to me is thrilling.

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  1. Thank you so much for your kind mention! We look forward to seeing your interpretations!