Saturday, May 9, 2009

New Arrival at Villa Savoia

Here she is - Villa Savoia's new receptionist.

Missy came to me from a shelter. Having been scheduled for termination, an emergency email was circulated which came to me through my good friend Erika Glazer. Erika has rescued many dogs over the years and has a habit of putting people and animals together at the right time.

Nine months old and with very little training, Missy will be a challenge for me. She is smart, beautiful and very affectionate and I'm looking forward to us both making adjustments. Here she is, up since 3:30am - taking a nap while I write this and wishing I could be taking one too. But there are projects to embroidery and deadlines to meet.

I'm not sure that Missy will be available Monday through Friday at Villa Savoia headquarters yet; so far she isn't barking much except at the mirror. Time will tell -

Have a good weekend!

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