Thursday, May 28, 2009

Recycling Antique Textiles

Being a person obsessed with fabrics, I find fragments of textiles that I just have own. Beautiful, poorly described textiles on eBay can astound me. Friends have also been known to pass along textile fragments that they have coveted for a long period of time and no longer have the room to store or realize they will never utilize them in the creative way they once imagined; they know I will be a respectful keeper of these treasures.

The handwork involved in the shawls from Kashmir are magnificent. This art is a tradition of excellence that I can appreciate with great admiration on so many levels. Not often able to afford a fine piece in excellent condition, I have more often settled for those battered examples with moth holes and worn elements and converted them into something new again.

The pillows above are created using fragments of a shawl. The center of the shawl was long gone and the border was in tatters. The application of the antique fabric onto a new velvet ground was handled in a sensitive way and the transition of the two utilized a black thread chain stitch that both highlighted the textile with a contrast that seemed appropriate.

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  1. Michael, this is absolutely a wonderful way to use fabric relics and I love how you used the Kashmiri shawl. Thanks for the inspiration!