Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Outlining For Emphasis

I am always amazed at the effect a simple outline can achieve in creating emphasis and definition to a fabric image. The above pillows are a good example of this concept.

The fabric used is available through Brunschwig & Fils, a wonderful source of great traditional fabrics, trim, wallcovering, upholstery and furniture. This particular fabric is a woven blend of rayon and linen. I did not applique' the medallion onto the fabric. It is woven into the ground of the plain weave ground directly during the weaving process. Often used as chair backs and seats as well as pillows, it is supplied with 2 images per fabric width, centered on the half width - with space between the images. The solid ground is also available allowing for larger areas of upholstery for a beautiful custom finished look.

The photo below shows the sample I provided the client. You can see half the medallion has been outlined and the other half left as purchased. Using the hand guided cording technique with threads the same color as the medallion gives it an added strength for the right finishing touch.

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