Friday, June 19, 2009

Reworking A Monogram

The above monogram has be altered to emphasize the letter M. Based on an antique lettering combination, this beautiful monogram was originally developed as AL. As with many antique letter combination, letters were often mirror imaged so that the design created a type of emblem.

Below is my original monogram in a single color. The version above is on a silk ground with the M in gold thread while the balance of the design is rendered in platinum; the change is subtle but of course it can be any color combination one can imagine. The monogram is 12" high x 14.5" wide - the perfect size for a chair back or pillow front. The version below is on mohair and the monogram is approximately 4" tall.

1 comment:

  1. Michael, just a thought. I bet if you used variegated thread to stitch out this gorgeous monogram, it would look antique and ofcourse bring out a totally different look. I would suggest Madeira polyneons as they have a longer variegated dye. Great work as usual. Btw, I love the monogram on the blog below. I'm referring to the red one on the dinner tray. Sadia