Saturday, July 18, 2009

Making Pleated Flange

I have two 24" pillows that are embroidered and hand beaded using crystal beads and pearls that also require pleated flange. I used to have the flange pleated by a local company that has pleated fabric for designers and the studio industry for years but recently I found that pleating fabric jumped in price from about $150 to $600 - a great surprise to me that unfortunately, I had not covered in my pricing.

In order to keep the price of pillows down, I am now pleating the fabric myself. First, I have the fabric cut and over-locked by my seamstress. In this case, we decided not to railroad the fabric for the strips, so each one is 54" wide, the width of the fabric, a beautiful silk satin from Clarence House.The size of the strips vary depending on the size of the pleat, but in this case, the flange is going to be made using 1/2" x 1/2" sections. I had the pieces cut 3" wide. The first thing I do is iron the fabric in half so that the flange is self lined.

I then start the formation of my pleats, using a ruler to help start the strip, steam pressing each section before moving onto the next.

Continuing down the fabric length, I create the flange. The over-locked side will be inserted into the seam of the pillow. As you can imagine the steam so close to the fingers is a little hot!

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