Saturday, July 4, 2009

A New Mural by Kaveri and TJ Singh

TJ and Kaveri came to see me yesterday. I made them come by for tea and to remove a chair away that I wanted to give to their son, Angad. They have just completed a new mural for a home in Beverly Hills and had a camera full of photos. Since we both own the same camera, I was able to download their photos and have a good look at their beautiful work.

With their kind permission I am sharing some details with you. The spa room in the Beverly Hills home consists of many small walls with a variety of openings - a great challenge for the artists. Keeping the work in transition from one wall to the next was a must in the mind of the client and designer.

There is a glimpse of the impressionistic soul in Kaveri as you can see by the deft brushwork and the seemingly quick work in the landscapes - I can attest that it was not quick work - the planning of such an artwork as well as the painting itself is a true labor of love.

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