Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Ashanti Curtain Border

Today I am reviewing this large sample which if approved, will be the basis for a curtain order. The design will be used along the leading edge and hem of the curtains. The design is pulled from an element in Fortuny's "Ashanti" pattern which I have admired for years and have hand beaded often times as decorative pillows.

The fabric is from Rogers and Goffigon, available here in Los Angeles at Cowtan & Tout Showroom. The embroidery is achieved by using the hand guided Cornely machine which gives the pattern a lovely hand made quality.

Below I am attaching two photos - one is the initial sample of the design which inspired the designer to customize the pattern in her colors and material and beaded pillows in the Ashanti pattern which I sold recently to Michael S. Smith.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Custom Sofa Embroidery for Michael S. Smith Inc.

This week I finished a project for interior designer Michael S. Smith. I embroidered an interlocking geometric pattern to be used for the deck of a sofa.

The project consisted of three panels; two side panels and one front panel. I made a right and left side panel and ended the design off rather than continue it to go inside the seam. This gives the side a custom, finished look. Each side panel measured about 44" in length - the pattern measured 6.5" high.

For the front, the fabric consisted of three fabric sections with two seams. Starting from the center, I worked towards the ends by framing the fabric in 3 sections, each time making sure that the pattern matched exactly by using registration lines that I built into the pattern. The total width embroidered for the sofa front was 108 inches.

The fabric is a beautiful woven silk from Claremont Textiles and I used a cotton thread for the embroidery. The pattern is a classic one that I digitized using my Pulse software for my TajimaNeo2 embroidery machine with the extra long border sash frame.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Custom Embroidered Tablecloth with Linens

The above photo was taken at my home. The tablecloth I hand-guided machine embroidery on J.Robert Scott Silk; the trim is from Decor de Paris. The Linens are from Sferra, the tableware is Cristofle, the dishes from Genori, the glasses are vintage Mirano.

The napkin is embroidered with a design taken from an antique embroidery I found on eBay. I had my good friend JeriLee Auclair digitize it for me. I used just part of the pattern, there is a beautifully articulated birds nest with eggs that is an optional part of the leaf pattern. It is also beautifully used with a monogram.

The border on the tablecloth is my Spanish Border, a border I have used a number of times for curtains. I is large at the corners and slims down on the sides. Taken from an antique piece of embroidery I acquired some time ago, it can be interpreted in many different ways.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Leather, Embroidery and Pearls

Leather can be such an amazing material to embroider. The acanthus pattern with pearl trim was a recent selection by a designer for use in creating two leather ottomans. The embellishment is placed on the oval shaped ottoman sides.

It is challenging making this because the material had to be completely seamed prior to embroidery. It will be placed on the ottoman form and more or less slid into place. This allows a beautiful finished seam in four places on the ottoman with the embroidery moving over the seams to give a wonderful custom look. The leather is from Edelman Leather.

The cording and the chain stitch are achieved using the hand guided Cornely machine. There are two sizes of pearls used here, the are applied using metal prongs that pierce through the back of the leather and firmly pierce the pearl and hold it in place. The effect on leather is really quite surprising.