Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Ashanti Curtain Border

Today I am reviewing this large sample which if approved, will be the basis for a curtain order. The design will be used along the leading edge and hem of the curtains. The design is pulled from an element in Fortuny's "Ashanti" pattern which I have admired for years and have hand beaded often times as decorative pillows.

The fabric is from Rogers and Goffigon, available here in Los Angeles at Cowtan & Tout Showroom. The embroidery is achieved by using the hand guided Cornely machine which gives the pattern a lovely hand made quality.

Below I am attaching two photos - one is the initial sample of the design which inspired the designer to customize the pattern in her colors and material and beaded pillows in the Ashanti pattern which I sold recently to Michael S. Smith.

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  1. Wow, your work is really beautiful. I make draperies but would have no idea how to do the amazing work you do. Glad to have found your blog.