Saturday, September 26, 2009

Custom Sofa Embroidery for Michael S. Smith Inc.

This week I finished a project for interior designer Michael S. Smith. I embroidered an interlocking geometric pattern to be used for the deck of a sofa.

The project consisted of three panels; two side panels and one front panel. I made a right and left side panel and ended the design off rather than continue it to go inside the seam. This gives the side a custom, finished look. Each side panel measured about 44" in length - the pattern measured 6.5" high.

For the front, the fabric consisted of three fabric sections with two seams. Starting from the center, I worked towards the ends by framing the fabric in 3 sections, each time making sure that the pattern matched exactly by using registration lines that I built into the pattern. The total width embroidered for the sofa front was 108 inches.

The fabric is a beautiful woven silk from Claremont Textiles and I used a cotton thread for the embroidery. The pattern is a classic one that I digitized using my Pulse software for my TajimaNeo2 embroidery machine with the extra long border sash frame.

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