Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Outlines Provide Impact

I am an avid collector. My collecting passions are many but one of my most consistent efforts has been finding and buying antique textiles; especially embroidered or otherwise embellished textiles. I've run the range from Arts and Crafts era pieces to antiques and also more modern pieces.

There are textiles I have found irresistible from the mid-20th century. Moving from Arts and Crafts and Art Deco to Moderne, some of the textiles I have collected are indeed fascinating. The design above is one of my favorite prints.

It was found during one of my usual scans of textiles on eBay. A short single curtain, this linen was obviously unlined as it had sun wear on the back but the front looked great. With no identification on any selvedge giving me a clue about it's origin, I proceeded to deconstruct it's pleats. Once I had it in a flat panel, I determined it to be stable enough for a gentle hand washing. It was filthy!

Finally, I decided to embellish the design with just an outline on some of the major areas. It didn't need much but I guess I wanted to leave my own mark. I then used some Rogers & Goffigon fabric for the backs of a pair of pillows seen above. One day I hope to take my fabrics and reproduce them, creating a line of textiles.

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