Saturday, November 28, 2009

Sample for a series of Beaded Pillows

This approved sample will be the basis for a series of pillows. Swarovski crystals have been added to silver matte seed beeds and gold lined crystal beads.

Billiard Room Bar Stool Chair Seats

I totally embraced the opportunity to rework one of my old patterns. Years ago, for a "Snooker Chair" for Mimi London, we made Billiard Balls using chain stitch on Gretchen Bellinger's "Billiard Cloth." They were whimsically charming and made a nice custom accent for the chair.

Recently, when asked to make them for some bar stool seats, I decided to rework the design and do it on my computerized embroidery machine. There was a tightness of design I felt was missing in the previous version that I thought could be addressed by digitizing a new version.

Here are the results. I wish the photos were better but I was on a very tight deadline and had to deliver the work as soon as it was completed. The colors work with other materials in the room yet still maintain the basic color/number correctness of the standard. There is shading to the balls accomplished with the help of my Balboa training cd's which gave the work a truly unique dimensional feeling.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Ashanti Curtains

Recently I posted a photograph of a curtain sample for approval. The design, based on an image in the Fortuny "Ashanti" fabric is colored per the designers request and laid on a beautiful (and heavy) Rogers & Goffigon linen. (Click on Fortuny to see their new website)
The wall of curtains is worked around 3 pairs of french doors. The first and last of the 16 total panels consisted of 2.5 widths of fabric, with the remaining two panels five widths each. Leading edge and hem were highlighted with the embroidery - the above photo is 5 folded panels showing two leading edge treatments and 3 hem sections. Each panel in the photograph is 1/4 of the actual width.
Because of the complexity of the panel joins, I have grouped the four sections and named them A,B,C & D. Within each letter, each panel is then marked according to a corresponding drawing - 1 through 16. Next stop, Valley Drapery...