Saturday, November 28, 2009

Billiard Room Bar Stool Chair Seats

I totally embraced the opportunity to rework one of my old patterns. Years ago, for a "Snooker Chair" for Mimi London, we made Billiard Balls using chain stitch on Gretchen Bellinger's "Billiard Cloth." They were whimsically charming and made a nice custom accent for the chair.

Recently, when asked to make them for some bar stool seats, I decided to rework the design and do it on my computerized embroidery machine. There was a tightness of design I felt was missing in the previous version that I thought could be addressed by digitizing a new version.

Here are the results. I wish the photos were better but I was on a very tight deadline and had to deliver the work as soon as it was completed. The colors work with other materials in the room yet still maintain the basic color/number correctness of the standard. There is shading to the balls accomplished with the help of my Balboa training cd's which gave the work a truly unique dimensional feeling.

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