Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Chenille Embroidery

The last several months have been very busy. I am on a schedule that has been wonderfully consistent lately. Today I am starting a new design - a chair back pattern that I'm really excited about. Organic in nature, the image will be used on insides or outsides of chair backs and I'm thinking about using it on two chairs from the Kerry Joyce collection to show the design off in my showroom.

Here are a few pictures of my showroom sample board. It shows patterns utilizing different styles of embroidery. You will see computerized satin stitch and pattern stitches, hand guided embroidery in the form of cording and chain stitch, applique' and two examples of trapunto; one on a beautiful Rogers and Goffigon silk/linen blend and one on mohair - both designs based on Moroccan detailing.
The close up is my sample from a job I just completed for designer Suzanne Rheinstein. The striped ground is oneof her fabrics at Lee Jofa and the embroidery is created by using a custom hand dyed chenille with the hand-guided cording machine then bordering it with a chain stitch outline in coral colored cotton. I love it - it is such a charmingly unexpected color combination,

Friday, January 1, 2010

Charles Rennie Mackintosh

From the papers of Mackintosh:

The props of art are - on the one hand - the slavish imitation of old work - no matter what date or from what country - and on the other hand the absurd and false idea - that there can be any living emotion expressed in work scientifically proportioned according to ancient principals - but clothed in the thin fantasy of the authors own fancy. The artists motto should be I care not the least for theories for this or that dogma - so far as the practice of art is concerned - but take my stand on what I myself consider my personal ideal - and I am sure that no one of any gifts of reasoning will question the value of higher ideas - a strong conviction.

This quote resonates with me as I move towards creating embroidery patterns for the new year. I have spent the past few months reorganizing my samples and my office. I've painted walls removing the dark brown color replacing them with a lively color from Farrow and Ball called Oval Room Blue. It is a breath of fresh air for me and has brightened the place beautifully. Last year I gave 15 pillows from my showroom stock to Divine Design to raise money for Project Angelfood. I felt the need to clean house and the opportunity of donating them to raise money suited me. I've been designing new pillows for the shelves and new curtain borders as well.

In the next few weeks I will be sending out a new direct mail piece that is the first of a series designed by Alexander Irvine who will also be reworking my website later this year. If you would like to be added to my mailing list, please email me at

I wish you a very happy, healthy and successful new year - I like the sound and look of 2010 and will embrace all the possibilities a new day has to offer.

Best regards,

Quote and photo from "Charles Rennie Mackintosh the Architectural Papers edited by Pamela Robertson