Sunday, February 7, 2010

Trapunto With Satin Stich

I've been in the studio this afternoon, trying to photograph embroidery for a new mail piece. I do all my own photography and I particularly like to take close up shots of trapunto. The technique is so wonderful and the resulting relief creates such a rich textural element that I had to share these photos.

The top photo features a detail of a Turkish inspired design - a mixture of shapes further enhanced by satin stiches on the smooth matte wool sateen surface.

The next photo is of a pattern inspired by Hawaiian quilts. The pattern is repeated in a circular fashion from the center. This design has been used not only for pillows but also as a chair back.

You can see why I like trapunto so much - the effects are wonderful.


  1. Trapunto has always been one of my favorites. lets do something with Sandra's alpaca for the design house. Trapunto pillows, and a throw???

  2. Sounds great Michael-I will look forward to doing them!

  3. Gwendolyn J. BrewerMarch 27, 2010 at 6:58 PM

    Mr. Savoia,

    Please share the names of your tools with your readers.
    It would be greatly appreciated. Your work is of an exceptional nature.

    Gwen Brewer

  4. For both these pillows I have used my computerized embroidery machine to articulate the satin and running stitch outlines; for the trapunto, I use a hollow needle that perforates the muslin back of the embroidery that I found at a closing embroidery shop that had been in business since the 1930's. I don't know where you would find one today. In college, we used to make slits in the muslin back, fill the pocket with fiber and sew the cut.