Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Evolution of Embroidered Design

Recently I was approached by the San Francisco Interior Design firm The Wiseman Group, to create an embroidered design from their concept, for use as an embellishment on some round ottomans.

The design is relatively simple and was provided to me in a cad drawing complete with measurements. Using my Pulse Microsystems embroidery software, I was able to translate those measurements into a perfect replica in thread. The design runs continuously around the bottom of the ottomans - about 1" from the base.

The simplicity of this design has a clear strength about it which happens through the use of a foundation of threads underneath the satin stitches, which results in a very rich, dimensional embroidery. This embellishment will go a long way to add style to a simple shape.


  1. Beautiful. I love this - makes one rethink adding trim.

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