Saturday, June 12, 2010

Villa Savoia Custom Embroidery In Architectural Digest

My July 2010 issue of Architectural Digest arrived with a residence designed by Ann Holden of Holden & Dupuy. A redesign by the original architect, Ken Tate, the home is classically elegant with French accents with a "contemporary, sleek look look throughout."

I recognize some of the beautiful Jean Michel Frank reproduction furniture - such as the two arm chairs like those famously once in the Rockefeller New York residence designed by Jean Michel Frank in 1937 near the fireplace; the sofas and the vellum cocktail table - most likely recreated by Mattaliano Furniture, a line I sold while I worked at Mimi London Inc. years ago.

The beautiful photograph by Jeff Herr shows everything with a yellowish cast which isn't the way the photos look on his website. Please follow the link and view his interiors portfolio for a better impression of the colors in the room. I documented the curtain panels in this photo taken prior to shipping.

The embroidery consists of hand-guided cording using a tonal palette of coordinated threads along with chain stitch as a textural shadow. The design is about 13" wide.

Ann Holden is a great talent. She has a style that blends sophistication and elegance while keeping the interior available for every day use. Thanks Ann, for your continued use of my embroidery - it is much appreciated!