Friday, December 10, 2010

Once again - Trapunto!

I love the dimensional effects I achieve with Trapunto. Recently a client brought me a photo of some antique pillows. The images on the pillow were built up for dimension using some kind of underlay - I've seen antique pieces that had a sewn underlay in stitches or felt but have also seen them utilize a cellulose underlay as well.

I chose a dark platinum rayon thread to approximate the tarnished metallic like embroidery on the original and proceeded with my sample by digitizing a series of satin stitch shapes then using a software tool called line carving, to create the linear separation in the satin stitch.

Some people may actually prefer a flat surface for their pillows - but wanting to capture the essence of the antique piece, I utilized a hand-guided chain stitch outline that provided an additional detail and at the same time, allowed me to attach the muslin backing I needed for Trapunto. Once the chain stitch was completed, I could fill the pocked made by the two fabrics with cotton thread and complete the final sample.

My client loved the results - there will be four pillows to design.

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